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Make this Mother's Day Special

Mothers are special and are often taken for granted, sometimes subconsciously, by many of us. They need to be told about how and why they are so special. Often they are not thanked enough for all the good things they do, whether it's for being there as a friend and a listening ear, or for all the everyday tasks from meal preparation to the washing up.

Mother's Day is their day, and yours for showing and telling them what a great Mum they are. Often the more thought and personal effort you put into making their day special will mean more to them than by the amount of money you spend on a present.

Here are a few suggestions:
  • If you live away from Mum, at least give her a call or have some flowers delivered. If she lives in England, why not send her a Mother's Day CD sung by, and available from, the Sacred Heart Primary School Choir Web site in West Yorkshire, England.
  • If you are at home, do something different than usual for her, something special; breakfast in bed, run her a nice bubble bath, go for a walk together.
  • If your Mum is the one who does a lot (or all) of the house work, give her the day off and get everyone else in the family to pitch in. Pamper and wait on her for the day.
  • Write her a poem, send her a cybercard, or leave her lots of notes around the house telling her how special she is to you. Leave a message for all to see how much you care for your Mum on the NZCity Mother's Day Message Board.
  • Take her out somewhere that she would enjoy going to - the beach, out for coffee, a concert, a picnic, the movies. Have something planned that revolves around her interests, not yours.