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Mother's Day Quiz
How Well Do You Know Your Mum?

Welcome to our multi-choice Mother's Day quiz. It's just for fun so if you have a spare moment, give it a go and try to make your way through the 10 questions.

It works like this: you, being the caring son or daughter that you are, know everything about your Mum - right?
Well it's time to find out about that…

The questions are designed to see how well you really know your Mother.  You need to answer all of the questions as accurately as you can, enter your Mum's email address and press the submit button. We'll let your Mum know by email that you've done the quiz, and invite her to have a go herself.  She will then answer the same 10 questions with her versions of the answers, and we can compare the two and tell you how well you did.

Goodluck, and may the force be with you (happy guessing!)

Your Name :  Your Mum's Name : 
Your Email :  Your Mum's Email : 

1. When is your Mum's Birthday?
2. How old is your Mum? YEARS OLD
3. What is her star-sign?
4. What is your mother's favorite flower from this list?

5. If your Mum went on a trip to a foreign city, what would she do first?

6. What do you think your Mum is most afraid of?

7. Which is your mother's favorite colour out of this list?

8. Out of these bands/musicians which would your Mum most likely listen to?

9. What magazine would your Mum most likely be found reading in a waiting room?

10. What drink does your Mum prefer?