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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Here are a number of brief suggestions of gift ideas that you could get your Mum for Mother's Day. Think of the five human senses for ideas of what you could get her. Remember it's the thought that counts, so have a good think of what your Mum would really appreciate getting from you:
  • SMELL : "Smellies" - soap, bath oils, hand lotion, perfume would be well received along with the well-loved classic bunch of flowers. If you're not going to see Mum on Mother's Day - why not have a gift or flowers delivered?
  • SOUND : Buy her a nice CD that she likes. Quietly ask your Mum what her favourite music is and then organise a special Mother's Day CD - and teens, let Mum have the choice of music to play for the whole day! If you can't pick her out a CD, give her some music vouchers.
  • TOUCH : Give her a big hug and say that you love her! Massage oils or an item of clothing like a silk scarf could be good.
  • SIGHT : Rent or buy her a nice video that she would like to watch or take her out to the movies or theatre. Paint/draw her a card or picture and get it put in a nice frame. Mum's like things made by someone close to them.
  • TASTE : Chocolates!!! Maybe there's a particular brand or flavour that's her favourite. Take her out for brunch and a coffee. You could buy her a nice bottle of wine to go along with a home cooked meal. Make her up a decorated, special food basket - (or you could cheat and get someone else to make one up and deliver it for you).
  • HOME : A Clean House! Hire a cleaning lady for a couple of hours for your mum. Even if you can't afford to pay for this special service, you could do the cleaning for them yourself as a present with your kids coming along as helpers. It would be "Mum's Cleaning Service", and you could make a Gift Certificate like a professional service with your phone number and have them confirm their appointment.