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Hi and welcome to the NZCity Mother's Day site for 2018!

Mother's Day is celebrated here in New Zealand on the second Sunday of May so this year it falls on the 13th.

Mother's Day is a time for husbands and children alike to stop and give thanks to their Mums. It is a time to recognise Mothers' tireless efforts in helping run and solve life's everyday problems. Families should pull together to make this day extra special for Mum. Mother's Day is a day for you to get in touch with your Mum and tell her just how much you care - especially if you live away from home.

If your Mum is a modern Cyberspace citizen, why not leave her a message on our Mother's Day Message Board or send her one of our FREE Mother's Day Cybercards.

Mother's Day has a lot of commercial implications nowadays but how did the day actually start? If you want to find out the background of how Mother's Day came to be celebrated, take a look at The History of Mother's Day section. We also have plenty of entertainment for you. For the fun stuff, check out our Mother's Day Quiz and our list of 'Mumisms'. I'm sure that there are a few funny cliches you'll have heard while growing up. So have a look at it - "Why? Because I SAID so, that's why!?!"

Recipes, Quotes, Gift Ideas and lots more. NZCity is proud to bring you If your Mum hasn't seen this site yet, maybe you should sit her down and let her have a look. There's plenty to see and do, so grab yourself a cuppa tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to send us a message here to the NZCity Mother's Day team. In the meantime, from all the New Zealand City team, to our own Mums, and all the other Mothers out there, we wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!